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Author, Stephanie Zikmann reading I Can Be A Dog Detective Children's Picture Book to her two sons.
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Hello dog detectives!

I'm Jack (far left) and here I am sitting with the author of the book (AKA 'Mum') and my little brother, Joey! As you can see we are all having a great time reading along to 'I Can Be A Dog Detective!' during this photoshoot. 

Have you grabbed your copy yet?


Let me know through our socials when you do because I would LOVE to hear what you think of it!

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why mum decided to write i can be a dog detective...

Mum works with dogs daily. She loves dogs and she loves teaching children about dogs.  

But being a mum too, she is super busy looking after my two little brothers and me as well as our THREE dogs! This means she knows just how hard it can be to manage a busy household!


So safety is the number one rule in our house. 


My dad endearingly calls Mum "risk-assessment Stephanie" because she talks a lot about the things that can go wrong if we aren't careful.


Dad can be quite cheeky, but secretly he loves that mum is super responsible! 


Learning about dog safety is something we take very seriously here at the Dog Detective HQ, but we are always looking for more Dog Detectives like YOU to join the gang and make more homes safe. 

Dog safety is really important!


Did you know that most dog bites happen in the home, and many of them involve kids like you and me?!


Without safety, we risk ourselves and our dogs getting hurt!


That's why Mum wanted to write I Can Be A Dog Detective! - to help children and their parents understand how to stop dog bites from happening. 

She now spends a lot of her time visiting schools and nurseries where she hosts read-along sessions or one of her amazing dog bite prevention workshops! Kids love learning all about how to keep safe around dogs!

Maybe you would like your school to invite Mum in for one of those events too? If you do, be sure to pass on our details to your Headteacher or person in charge.


Happy Dog Detecting!

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