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Reading with Magnifying Glass

Our mission

We want to increase safety in the family home through the education of safe interaction around dogs and children.


I Can Be A Dog Detective! is a fun, educational and interactive children's picture book lovingly written by number one bestselling children's author, Stephanie Zikmann. 

honest, supportive, passionate & approachable

Author, Stephanie Zikmann is a doting mother and dog parent to three boys and three dogs. 

As a passionate pet professional who specialises in fearful dogs, Stephanie has built up a reliable reputation as one of her sectors' 'up and coming' influencers. 

I Can Be A Dog Detective! was introduced by Stephanie to help support families with dogs after a frightening altercation with one of her children and dogs. 

Through her ever-expanding list of skillsets and knowledge to support it, Stephanie is on a mission to raise awareness of safe dog interaction through storytelling, in a way that resonates with both parents and children at home. 

Stephanie is reading I Can Be A Dog Detective to her two sons.
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