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Hello dog detectives!

I'm Jack (far left) and here I am sitting with my mum and author of the book, Stephanie and my little brother, Joey! As you can see we are all having a great time reading along to 'I Can Be A Dog Detective!' 

Have you grabbed your copy yet? Let me know through our socials when you do because I would LOVE to hear what you think!

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why mum decided to write i can be a dog detective...

Mum works with dogs every day - she is probably the BIGGEST dog lover in the world (you can tell your parents to check her out over here by the way!).

But mum is obviously a parent too - and living in our house can be pretty hectic making safety one of the biggest rules of our home!


You see, we had FOUR dogs (King Louis, Nala, Jessica and Lola) - sadly two have passed away since mum wrote this book, but we are thankful to still have Nala, Lola and our newest addition, Honey to keep our hearts full!


I am the biggest brother, and together with my two little brothers, we have great fun learning all about dog language! But we are always looking for more Dog Detectives, like YOU!

Dog safety is super important! Without it, we put ourselves and our dogs at risk of getting hurt. That's why mum wanted to write, I Can Be A Dog Detective® - so kids like me could also learn how to keep safe around dogs!

Did you know that mum wrote 'I Can Be A Dog Detective!®' while drinking a morning coffee? She literally wrote it all in just short of an hour!! They say the best ideas come all at once and I think this book is the BEST! 

I hope you love it as much as us!

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